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What We're About

Restaurant and Host - Catholic Concierge

Catholic Concierge provides front of house” hospitality resources for parishes who integrate with and care for culture and community. Led by Ritz-Carlton and Apple-trained entrepreneurs with expertise in restaurant management, corporate training, and digital communications, our goal is to ignite interest in the compelling character of Catholicism by creating training videos and print publications focused on inviting first-timers and returners to the Church with a white-glove welcome.

We create modern educational materials and innovative cornerstone publications that are catechetical and seeker-sensitive. Our goal is to provide both media and message that are conscious of our culture to meet people where they’re at, both in terms of content and look-and-feel. By producing material that allures a reader or viewer towards mystery, beauty, and social justice, we hope to spark curiosity in faith by “proposing” and not “imposing.”

Our video training will be dedicated to empowering and educating parish staff and first impressions ministry team members. It will focus on first-class customer service skills, insights about follow up techniques, ideas for building visitor-friendly physical environments (from signage to parking lot traffic organization), and much more. We’ll help train the “ninety-nine” how to help reach the “one.”

The "Why" Behind Catholic Concierge

Internally, we believe that parish staff—ushers, secretaries, volunteers, and small group leaders—are the Church’s Michelin-star hosts and hostesses. It’s no secret that sometimes visitors can be “lost” when they don’t receive a good experience calling a parish or being invited to take some next steps after they’ve attended Mass for the first time. Externally, we hope to provide magazines, templates, and other media focused on providing traction or a foot in the door for guests and returners. It can be an overwhelming experience to step foot in a parish, especially if one has no prior connection (for instance, attending a friend’s Catholic wedding Mass).

By providing resources about visitor etiquette and identifying problem points that cause poor experiences, staff can become the “first lines of defense” in helping people feel welcomed, loved, and invited into community. Further, just as at a five-star restaurant a guest would receive a helping hand to their place, a menu to examine, and regular milestones or traffic points to continue to, our resources fill in these gaps to provide tangible and helpful information.

Parish leaders who identify areas of guest welcome as opportunities for improvement or optimization would be interested in Catholic Concierge.

Welcome at the Door

What Makes Catholic Concierge Different

Outdoor Gathering with Crucifix - Catholic Concierge - Hospitality and Customer Service Training for Parishes

We’re not another program.

This isn’t a marketing strategy.

This is just about hospitality and welcome.

Catholic Concierge brings an “outside look” to issues that we face in terms of evangelization. We believe “all truth is God’s truth,” and so we take a posture of openness and learning towards the restaurant hospitality industry, evangelical megachurches, and secular advocacy non-profits. We use their tools and techniques, with a Catholic lens, to develop welcome ministries and ministers, and apply high-level, customer-oriented management for the sake of Christ’s cause. This is something we undertake with many years of experience, passion, and even vocation.

We believe that our target audience will respond well because they demonstrated dissatisfaction with their current welcome ministries, with “sales-y” Church growth methods, or with gaps in hospitality and customer service training.

Our mission is about much more than “brand loyalty” or increased sales—it’s about drawing people to the Mass, to virtue, to charity. Our unique experiences allow us to maintain a critical and examined view of “marketing,” “retention,” and the latest trends in evangelization. In our own discernment, we’re passionately following St. Paul’s example in Athens—being “all things to all people” and meeting them where they’re at. We believe that, with the Holy Spirit’s guidance, this training could be a boon for the Church.

Our Staff

Brian Lewis - Catholic Concierge - Hospitality and Customer Service Training for Parishes

Brian Lewis


An Atlanta-based restaurateur, Brian Lewis opened local favorite BOCADO serving locally-sourced, ingredient-influenced American cuisine in 2009. In 2010, the restaurant was named to Atlanta Magazine’s list of “Best New Restaurants,” and in 2012, Brian was named by StarChef as a “Rising Star Restaurateur” in the food industry. In addition to BOCADO, Brian has owned and operated other restaurant concepts in the Atlanta area, including BOCADO Burger, a casual spin-off of BOCADO that opened in in Alpharetta’s Avalon plaza in 2014 in honor of the Howell Mill restaurant’s famed Double Stack Burger.

Brian opened BOCADO’s American cuisine with an added diner culinary approach and aesthetic across state borders to Charlotte’s Atherton Mill with the debut of BOCADO Bar + Diner.

Brian is a proud father to three boys, loves the Catholic faith and all things hospitality.

Will Sipling - Catholic Concierge - Parish Hospitality and Customer Service Training

Will Sipling


Will has held communications and leadership positions at SmartCatholics, Word on Fire, the University of St. Thomas (MN), the Murphy Institute for Catholic Thought, Law, and Public Policy, Dallas Theological Seminary, and Apple.

Through earning an undergraduate degree in psychology, a master’s in biblical and theological studies, and a master’s in Catholic studies, he has taken particular interest in mysticism, pastoral care, and social theory. His research has been published in Springer and Brill, and he has spoken at Cambridge and Durham.

He is a 2022 participant in the Notre Dame’s McGrath Institute for Church Life Church Communications Ecology Program.

With over twelve years of digital communications experience, he’s passionate about helping religious organizations share their missions with clarity and passion.

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